【Web Plot Degitizer】How to make the required data into an Excel graph


When you want to put a graph of references in a paper or experimental report, have you ever had trouble with the image being rough?

In addition, there may be situations where there is a large amount of information on the graph and you want to extract only the data you need.

This time, I will introduce how to use "Plot Degitizer" that can extract numeric data from graphs completed on the web!

Click the green "Launch Now!" under "Web Application".

Click "Load Image" on the right side so that a graph of the waves to amplify comes out.

Click "Select File" to select the original graph image.

Select the image you want to graph and click "Open (O)".

Basically, "2D (X-Y) Plot" is OK. Allingn Axes" to adjust the axis.

The description is written, but ignore it and click "Proceed".

On the axis of the imported graph→ hit the plot in the order of "X2"→, "X2" → "X2", "Y1", and "Y2".

After clicking, you can adjust it with the arrow button on the computer while looking at the enlarged image in the upper right.

It is easier to hit the plot to the better place of kiri as much as possible.

When you're done adjusting, click "Complete!" on the right.

Enter which coordinates each of the plots you hit.

Even when the image is distorted by this operation, it can be corrected when making it a graph.

"Log Scale" is a logarithmic scale when the number is very large.

Then click "Add Point (A)" on the right to copy the plot in the graph.

Click on the image and adjust it with the arrow keys while looking at the upper right.

When you have finished entering the points, output the plot as a number in "View Data" on the left.

Click "Copy to Clipboard" on the screen that came out.

Now that the numbers are copied, paste them into Excel.

If the selected graph consists of several different types of data, you can split it up and take a plot.

Click "Clear Data" on the left.

Press "OK" to erase all plots.

Open Excel and paste the numbers with "Ctrl+V".

At this rate, the numbers stick together and cannot be graphed, so adjust it.

While keeping the left side of the number selected, select "Data" → "Separated Position" to open a window.

Check "Data separated by fields by delimiters such as commas and tabs".

When I pressed "Done", the numbers parted up nicely at the comma.

Select all the numbers cells and insert the graph you like.

This time, I made a scatterplot according to the original graph.

How to arrange the format of the graph is introduced in the article below.


It's a study or an experimental report.