【University student eating and drinking part-time job】The recommendation of living alone is a private shop where bribery is delicious

【University student eating and drinking part-time job】The recommendation of living alone is a private shop where bribery is delicious

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If it is a restaurant, it is definitely privately run!

If you want to work part-time at a restaurant, we recommend working at a privately owned store!

Treatment may vary from store to store, so check at the interview!

Freedom in shifting

Branch offices of chain stores are subject to rules such as quotas from the head office.

The circumstances of each region are often not taken into account, so work may become tight.

Private management can change the opening time according to the situation, so shifting is also free.

Rough but gorgeous

The bribery etc. are "00% discount" etc. for the chain shop, and the menu is only the one that it usually eats.

If you are a privately owned restaurant, you can make a board and eat various dishes freely.

The soba restaurant where I worked was able to make and eat my favorite dish.

Sometimes they feed on the signboard menu and ingredients such as leftover sashimi!

I can hear the management's story.

The owner of the private shop has set up a store himself, so you can hear meaningful stories.

If you want to start a business or have your own shop in the future, you can study during your part-time job.
It would be good.

Good and bad points of restaurants

I can eat a rough meal.

Isn't this the purpose of working part-time workers at bukkake restaurants?

Especially for people living alone, I am very grateful for the existence of the board.

They become a cooking practice

When working in the kitchen, you start with the use of a kitchen knife and actually cook by yourself.

If you're a college student and just started living alone and aren't used to cooking, you can learn from the basics.

Wages are low

If it is not a luxury store, wages tend to be lower than other jobs.

If the purpose is to earn money, brain labor such as cram school lecturers has a higher hourly wage.

Or, it is recommended to carry out manual labor, such as moving or setting up an event venue.

Busy with a lot of people

Of course, the peak and other busyness are too different and tiring.

Even if you get busy, your wages will basically not change, so cospa will go down.

If you feel free if you don't do anything, it may be hard around 14:00 and 16:00.

Impressions of part-time eating and drinking

I worked in the kitchen, but I didn't have any cooking experience, so I learned a lot.

The idea of cutting and storing vegetables can also be applied to home cooking.

It was a shop that would not normally be eaten with money, so the eating habits were substantial.

If there is one thing to say, the content of this article is just about the restaurant where I worked.

As a story to the last, please find a good part-time job without being caught up in the speculation!

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