【University student moving part-time job】Is it hard to move that university students can earn? What's your daily salary?

【University student moving part-time job】Daily salary 10,000 yen! Is it actually hard to move part-time job that college students can earn quickly?

Hello, I'm Ki (@itsutsuki3)of student reporter!

This time, I will introduce "moving part-time job" that can earn quite a lot among part-time jobs of university students!

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What is a part-time job?

When you move, you take your luggage out of the house you're moving to and carry it to your new one.

As for the content of the work

  • Transportation of luggage (hand-held, trolley)
  • Cleaning up after taking the load out of the truck
  • Moving packages between containers

In the case of a part-time job, basically the work of carrying luggage is the center.

Common misconceptions in moving part-time jobs

They are yelled at

There is no need to do something very stupid.

If you yell in front of a customer, the worker will receive a complaint from the customer.

If that were to be the case, I think that it would be about when danger arises due to my actions.

I've never been yelled at.


That's not the case.

Some people may have a rough temper because it is a gaten system, but I have never been told anything unreasonable.

The system is simple, and the question answers a good idea.

In that respect, stress may be less likely than complex desk work.


This is not a part-time job, but an employee's story.

Part-time jobs often come back first because their salaries go up at a certain amount of time.

It seems that employees often work late at night.

Some employees said they wanted to work but the law changed and they couldn't earn money.

Advantages of moving part-time job

Freedom in shifting

Unlike other part-time workers, shift submissions are often not fast.

Some companies seem to contact you the day before.

It is quite helpful to be able to work easily , saying that "Do you do the part-time job because it is free tomorrow?".

They gain strength

The main task of moving is to transport luggage, so you will have arm muscles.

In addition, in the work of going up the stairs, the muscles of the foot are attached to lift more than the weight.

It is tight on the first day, but I gradually get used to it.

You can see various houses.

I will visit various houses when I move.

Traditional detached houses and mysterious buildings with a room- and a 100 million yen in Tokyo.

The people and belongings that live there every time are different, so I never get tired of watching them.

Sober rest time is long

Part-time jobs do not drive trucks, so basically it is a break while traveling.

It is a moving move with a strong image of working for a long time, but considering the break time, isn't it a pretty good part-time job at Cospa?

In addition, when it comes to going to other prefectures, there is really little working time!

Disadvantages of moving part-time jobs

Cigarettes smoke.

Basically, many moving workers smoke.

Some people ask if you want to print it, but basically there is some smoke left in the truck.

If you don't smoke, it may be quite painful if you do not take measures such as wearing a mask.


I do not think that it might be a part-time job of the physical labor system.

Running with heavy luggage, going up stairs … In the beginning, you will suffer from muscle pain.

Technical terms are difficult

When moving, the tools you use have a special name. For example, "hanger case"→, "hanke", "red 80 cm cloth pad" → "akahachi". It starts with memorize these names.

Others are puzzled at first because they usually use these words.


Perhaps the most profitable part-time job for university students is moving part-time jobs.

However, there are many people who do not hear very good rumors about moving part-time jobs, and some people do not have the courage to start.

I have worked in two places, Tochigi and Tokyo, but at least the moving part-time job I attended was a very good place.

Please try it! Farewell!

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