【University student cram school lecturer part-time job】Can I earn popular "cram school lecturers"? Where's cospa?

【University student cram school lecturer part-time job】Can I earn a popular "cram school lecturer part-time job" for university students, but is cospa recommended?

"Cram school lecturer" is listed as a part-time job popular among university students.

Basically, there are many individual methods of answering questions and giving classes where you do not understand the learning of about 1 to 5 students.

This time, university students who actually work as cram school lecturers will introduce the merits of part-time cram school lecturers!

I don't want to work part-time in the first place! If you say this article.

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Contents of part-time job as a cram school lecturer

We teach elementary, junior high and high school students to study at school. The contents of the study range from the review of the class to the past question measures.

Going to work is often a suit, but it seems that there are places where it is allowed to change into a suit after going to work.

I come earlier than the class starts and prepare for class.

Prepare students' texts and prints while looking at the last class takeover book.

After the class, the contents of the class and the takeover items of the day are described and it is finished.

In addition, we also prepare materials and clean the classroom.

Merits of part-time cram school lecturer

Deepen your knowledge

When communicating things to people, it is necessary to devise, so your academic understanding will be deepened.

In the first place, when you enter university, you will not have the opportunity to look back on your studies, so you can re-input the knowledge you have been forgetting by teaching elementary school and junior high school students to study.

You may also be able to understand the meaning of the official that you remembered mechanically!

Prepare for job hunting exams

The nonverbal problem of spi exam questions that you will surely study at job hunting, that is, arithmetic, is just like the problem of junior high school entrance exams.

This is also due to the higher rate of correct answers in elementary school students than in university students.

These problems can be solved by the content of junior high and high school, but it is often faster to solve them with techniques unique to junior high school entrance exams.

It is recommended that you can prepare for the employment examination while teaching elementary school students to study as a cram school lecturer.

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I understand the feelings of the professor in class.

I understand the difficulty of teaching when I am a cram school lecturer.

Also, during the student's guidance, they are unable to answer unexpected questions that are suddenly answered, and they cannot be said to cheat on other stories.

This can be said not only for university students but also for professors who are teaching at universities. When you experience cram school lecturers, you will be able to understand such mental movements.

"This professor doesn't understand this range that deeply", or "I forgot to do it, so I cheated it".

By experiencing it, the teacher will be able to understand the feelings of the teacher.

Have the experience of chewing and teaching

It is not good as a cram school lecturer just by understanding the contents of the class, and it is necessary to acquire skills to convey it in an easy-to-understand manner.

In the experience of not being able to understand the natural concept that I thought we knew, or being sleepy by boring stories, I can understand the difficulty of gently teaching people what you know.

This experience will be useful in the future.

Comfortable working environment

Cram schools tend to have higher salaries than restaurants.

In addition, there is a restriction that you have to wear a suit, but you can sit in a comfortable room on hot or cold days.

Food and drinks are hot in the kitchen and the vicinity of the entrance is cold, but the cram school lecturer has nothing to do with such problems.

Personally, I think this is the biggest advantage of part-time job as a cram school lecturer.

Teaching will be better.

At first, there are many mistakes in teaching students to study.

You can learn various things by adding trial and error in that. It helps to teach things to others by thinking about how students understand.

It is hard to be influenced by weather and congestion condition

In restaurants, when there are many customers, there are many places where you have to work more than usual to speed up the rotation of the shop.

Because the maximum number of part-time workers is fixed for the point cram school lecturer, the number of students who can handle it does not change no matter how busy you are.

You can also work in a comfortable environment on hot, cold, rainy or snowy days.

Disadvantages of part-time cram school lecturers

It is difficult to shift freely

This part-time job requires shifts according to the students, so basically it is often a fixed shift of the weekly unit (because students are confused when the teacher changes)

For university students, the exam preparation period is also a test preparation period, so it is difficult to get a day off.

Longer preparation and tidying up

Before students can begin class, they need to go to work early to prepare.

In addition, it is also necessary to print out the problem in advance for past questions such as measures.

Progress and the creation of takeover materials may also be prolonged in some cases.

Basically, you don't get paid for these hours.

People who are suitable for this part-time job

a person from a decent university

When you interview a cram school instructor, you will almost always be asked which university you go to.

Within the level of the cram school, it may be excluded from the examination only at the university.

First of all, I think that it is good to visit in advance.

a person who likes to take care of children

It depends on the type of cram school, but in my cram school, there are many children, so inevitably they have their studies.

This job may be difficult unless you are a person who is okay to play younger people …

What if you are a college student for the time being a cram school lecturer?

For university students, cram school lecturers think that cospa is a very good part-time job.

There are other part-time jobs, but if you are not particularly particular about what to do, I think that you should work part-time as a cram school lecturer.

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