【Nagamage Campus】Introducing events for one year from the entrance ceremony to the dormitory ceremony!

【Os a few years】Introducing the one-year event at the University of Science And Manbe Campus! Let's enjoy Hokkaido

In the previous article, I introduced the "Nagamakube Campus" owned by Tokyo University of Science in Hokkaido.

Tokyo University of Science: Will the Osto manbe campus be closed in 2020? Faculty of Business Administration moved in place of The Faculty of Engineering Science

However, since the number of characters increased considerably just by mentioning the outline, I decided to write a related article separately.

This time, I would like to see the year of The Chang manbe campus together with the event held!


Entrance ceremony

When you arrive at the Nippon Budokan, there is a place to store the luggage of the basic workers, so you can leave the luggage loaded on the plane there before entering the venue.

In the middle of the entrance ceremony, "Students from the Faculty of Engineering Science, Standing Up! I will leave the Nippon Budokan in a total line according to the broadcast.

This event is called "Shima nagashi" behind the scenes, and it is a leave while being laughed at by science university students at the venue.

Head to the airport with a snack with strangers on the bus. At this point, we know which members will be in the same room, so we were mainly looking for members on the bus. Some people seemed to be interacting on Twitter and other places.

From New Chitose Airport, we moved back by bus. Some people are tired and asleep.

One piece at the resting place. I remember being moved for no reason.

In the dormitory, the townspeople will greet you by playing taiko drums and waving flags. I feel like I'm getting great. I joined the members of the cluster and participated in the dinner party, and it became a long manbu people!

Volleyball Tournament 

Members who use the same lounge in dormitories, sports competitions held to deepen the unity of the cluster.

We spend a year together with the members of the cluster, so the teamwork here will also affect future activities!

There must have been a prize, but I don't remember well.

Club activities established

There are no seniors and juniors in Changmanbe, and there are only basic students who came this year. Therefore, it is our generation who still knows nothing to create club activities and circles.

The hardship of drawing handwritten posters and collecting the number of people in "Basic Work LINE" seems to be a crisis of club activities that appear in youth novels.

As the head of the kendo club, I gathered members and acted twice a week, and I went to the dojo in Nagamanbe Town.

Mt. Sha mandake opening climbing

Students and professors climb the mountain with the townspeople to coincide with the opening of Mt. Shamandake, a mountain in Nagamanbe Town.

Unfortunately, it was raining lightly when I was in my school year, so I climbed up to the 5th station, but I wanted to climb to the top and see the scenery.

In addition, the road is steep and long, so it may be painful if you do not have physical strength …

After climbing, I was planning to eat Genghis Khan with the townspeople, but I remember eating it in the cafeteria because of rain.

Cherry Blossom Festival

This is a free participation event held on holidays. It seems to be the slowest cherry blossom festival in Japan. Even though it was May, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom beautifully.

It is a peaceful event, such as doing Genghis Khan with the townspeople, karaoke competitions and announcements of enka singers.

The participation rate is not good because the Long Manbe campsite is far away, but we recommend that you participate!

Golden Week

Since there are no classes during Golden Week, each of them sleeps all day long and goes on a trip in Hokkaido.

I was a member of the same cluster and went to Asahikawa to play!

Hair Festival

It is the largest event in Nagamanbe Town and is so popular that people gather from Hokkaido.

Starting with the cheap sale of mao-no-go, there are mochimaki, tama-inmari tournaments, yosako and dances by Hokkaido University and The University of Science, and live performances are also held in the evening!

There are many stalls including cooking in Mao, so not only students, but also professors, English teachers, town people gather together!

In the crab fast-eating competition, as long as students from Tokyo University of Science and Hokkaido University are famous for playing debt heat, the winners of the past have become like this.

  • 2012 Sapporo Male
  • 2013 Sapporo City Men
  • 2014 Tokyo University of Science 
  • 2018 Tokyo University of Science
  • 2019 

Manbe-kun's Birthday

Manbe-kun, the mascot character of Nagamanbe Town, is a characteristic yuru-kyara who paused Twitter for a while due to radical remarks, and his specialty is to head-lock people who are approaching to take photos.

Such Manbe-kun's birthday party is held at info manbe attached to Nagamanbe Station.

"Zushi Hokki" and "Otsuru luck Gappa-chan" are next to each other.

Firefly Tour

The professors were members of a cluster that were close friends and took a bus to a place deep in the mountains called "Firefly Village".

I first tried a lot of real fireflies flying in nature. Catching and shining in your hand reminds me of the Grave of the Fireflies.

Summer Holidays

The summer vacation of the Faculty of Engineering Science is as long as that of a foreign country of two months. During this period, some people returned to their parents' homes because the dormitory was closed.

Before the summer vacation, a poster called "Recruitment of Hokkaido Agricultural Part-time Job" was affixed to the university, and about 20 people spent summer vacation while farming in Atsuzawabe Town!

【University student part-time job experience】Is the farm part-time job of the living in hard? A college student went on vacation.

Collect large amounts of shells of cicadas, go to get stag, do fireworks, see the Milky Way… It was a summer vacation that did everything I wanted to do!

After working part-time in agriculture for a month, I went sightseeing in Hakodate and then cycled around Hokkaido!

【Hokkaido Bicycle Tour】Introducing routes, dates, and belongings that university students traveled in one month!

There is no doubt that it was a summer vacation when my outlook on life changed.

School Festival

The School Dormitory Festival is held instead of the school festival at the Nagamakebe Campus. It seems that the customers are university students and townspeople, and graduates go to Changmanbe every year.

It is the most fun place on this campus that the relationship with the townspeople is very strong, and there are many people who have acquaintances with the town by this time.

Hakodate Speech Contest

In addition to English classes, applicants form a group to create English slides on their favorite topics and give presentations in Hakodate.

My team announced the attraction of foreigners at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and received an award.

After the presentation, I was given time to cheer Hakodate, and I enjoyed Hakodate to my heart's content during the Christmas season!

Dormitory Festival

In my place, the dormitory was so prevalent that the influenza spread in the dormitory that the dormitory was moved forward, and the dormitory festival was not held. regret!

Sapporo Snow Festival

There was a tour at the university, but I went to Sapporo when I went home with the members of the cluster because it was canceled due to influenza.

There was also a snow sculpture that had melted away because it was the last day, but I was happy to participate in a big event that I had never seen on TV.

Not only the Sapporo venue but also the ice sculptures at the Sukino venue are beautiful, so we recommend visiting!

All experiences that can not be experienced in the city!

I like Changbe so much that I want to go back if I can. I would be happy if you could read this article and be even a little interested in the Nagamage campus!

↑It is a recommended book to know the life of the Nagambe campus!

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