【College Student Botchi】Are college students too swarming? Can you get by without your friends?

【College Student Botchi】Are college students too swarming? Can you get by without your friends?

Even if you become a college student, you are tired of flocking like a junior high school student or a high school student.

Or you who are wondering if you are worried about people acting alone on campus and are wondering if you want to call out.

This time, let's think about trends and countermeasures about the phenomenon that university students "flock / do not flock"!


Why do college students flock?

Why do college students flock?

Remnants of group life

Junior high and high schools in Japan have school rules and collective behavior, and they are taught to be the same as others from an early age.

Even if you become a college student and take responsibility for your actions, you will feel better to do the same.

If you act the same as the majority, there are few failures, and if you fail, you will not have to blame yourself.

Tuning pressure

With jokes abroad, there's a way to get passengers into the ocean from a sunken ship short of lifeboats.

  • America…"If you jump in, you can be a hero"
  • England…"Gentlemen jump into the sea"
  • Germany…"I'm supposed to jump in by the rules"
  • Japan…"Everyone has already jumped in"

The cooperation of japanese people, which is famous in the world, works strongly in everyday life, just as the word "KY" is.

They often act the same way for fear of their gaze when they do something different from others or the reactions around them.

It's easy.

There is also the idea that "the stakes that come out are struck", and most people feel relieved by making the same movements as other people.

In addition, if you follow the majority of opinions, you can get less error choices while saving effort to think.

In university life where information is important, such as classes and credits, it is often better to interact with many people.

Because it's fun.

Regardless of profit or loss accounts or the reactions around them, there are a certain number of people who simply enjoy acting with a large number of people.

People who visit this article are likely to be large and tired, so you may not understand.

In fact, some people who are alone do not like one person for a long time and find it fun for a large number of people.

I might be like this.

I might be like this.

Someone who missed the timing

Those who were unable to belong to the community for some reason when other people interacted for the first time.

Many botchi are of this type, and most of the people around them are aware of botchi in this way.

If it is not the reason described below, it is often in a negative spiral if you do not return.

Please be sure to go to talk to them without being obstant, and gently talk to the people around you.

a person who is honest with himself

Even if there is something you want to do, there may be people who care about other people's eyes alone.

If you follow only the opinions of others, not your own opinions, you will not only lose your ego, but you will also be stressed.

By daring to venture into a world where there are no close people, you may be looking for new encounters and discoveries.

I also talk to small communities and individuals because I care about being alone.

a person who does something different from others

Because what you are doing is different from the people around you, you may unintentionally be alone.

The person in question doesn't care about being alone, and he doesn't want the other person to understand it.

If someone is doing something similar nearby, they can naturally gather together to form a collective.

It's not a goal to be a community, so there may be no progress if you don't talk to them.

a person who gets tired when he is in large numbers

People who are not good at noisy environments and relationships, or who have a large personal space may relax alone.

Depending on the mood of the day, the community you belong to is different, and on days when you feel unspooked, you can take good use of yourself.

When you are in large mode, you can approach yourself and blend in naturally, so you can not worry too much.

On the other hand, when you are alone, it is recommended to go to talk with a small number of people or alone without trying to forcibly.

a person who has another goal

People with very high goals such as acquiring qualifications while in school or starting a business independently may abandon their university life.

This type looks like you're alone in college, but you're often in a community elsewhere.

Such people refuse contact themselves, so it is often difficult to interact with each other from here.

Or, if there are benefits from a stake agreement or being a friend, there may be a chance.

Advantages/disadvantages of botchi

Advantages/disadvantages of botchi

I can think and act.

The merits of belonging to a group are information such as easy classes, the actual situation of the circle, past questions from seniors, etc.

If you decide to do it yourself, you have to collect and study this information yourself.

Forgetting credits and choosing a laboratory is related to advancement and employment, so you will come to think well with your own head.

By thinking for yourself, you will be able to make big decisions on your own without being swept away by other people's opinions.

I don't care about my ratings.

In groups, it is necessary to pay attention to your remarks and actions because you are considered heretical as terrible and your opinions do not pass.

It's not uncommon for people to care about others and only work with that community.

Many people find it easier to stop being frightened by the improbable evaluation and do what they really want to do.

Due to the penetration of the word "one person", the eyes around it have become less severe, so it seems that the number will increase in the future.

I have an unexpected encounter.

The disadvantages of a large number of people are not opinionable, can only be entered in large restaurants, tend to make noise only with friends.

In the crowded, you can sit at the counter seat immediately, and you can have casual conversations with people of the generation who do not usually talk.

It's comfortable to get together with people in similar circumstances, but sometimes your thoughts are biased or monotonous.

Get away from the cozy community once in a while and seek new encounters.

I can be confident in myself.

There are people who feel great when they are in a flock and their attitudes grow, but it is only because they are large.

When you're alone out of that large number, you can't be confident in yourself and you won't be able to do anything.

People who usually move according to their own axis have their own core without worrying about the majority / minority.

When you're part of a community, it's important to think about what role you're playing there.

Save time and money

If you are alone, such as buying birthday gifts for people you are not close to, or drinking parties that last until midnight, you do not have to participate.

Isn't it useless to be stressed out even if you are sobbing down your money and time?

If you think you're not worth the sacrifice, it's one way to distance yourself from that community.

Even if it was planned to be used for all-you-can-drink cheap drinks, it would be more satisfying to use it for a high-end lunch for yourself.

The communion power decreases.

If you are alone, you may not know how to interact with others because the opportunities to talk with others are extremely reduced.

There is a conflict of opinions in large numbers, but it is a place where you can learn how to interact with people by discussing and making compromises.

I heard that some people were troubled when they were looking for a job or actually finding a job because cooperation is required at Japanese companies.

If you like one person, it may be easier to consider a company that can be evaluated by ability even if there is no cooperation.

Botchi's Survival Strategy

Botchi's Survival Strategy

belong to more than one population

Personally, I think it's quite difficult to get through college life in a completely lonely state.

I've seen people who drop credits due to information leaks or lose their years or drop out of school because they don't know the meaning of coming to university.

Therefore, what I would recommend is "belonging to multiple groups".

If you belong to more than one group, you can only think that you are in another group even if you do not see it for a while.

While staggering several communities, sometimes moving alone makes it easy to keep your eyes on.

Use ON and OFF separately

If you want to value one's time, tell others that you are that type and use ON / OFF separately.

For example, in the morning, I went to class with my friends and discussed it, in the afternoon I had time to review alone, I joined a circle, and thought about it at night.

While learning how to behave in groups, if you charge in one person's time, you can get both the benefits of a large number of people and one person!

They become an informant

The disadvantage of being alone is that it is difficult to obtain information, so let's become an information provider.

Gathering information is also possible from university websites and conversations with professors, and above all, it is for yourself.

In addition, if you provide that information, you will be trusted and people will come from over there.

You can create a community with them, or use it as a trump card when you're in trouble.

Everyone is different and everyone is good.

Both people who are large and people who are botchi have their own thoughts and beliefs and take their actions (?). )

Instead of judging yourself as a "poor guy/weirdo" just because you're a mess, talk to them.

I hope one day there will be a world where you can use the word "botchi", a kind of contempt, with pride …

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