【Living alone for university students】I summarized useful information for people who are worried about boarding life!

【Living alone for university students】I summarized useful information for people who are worried about boarding life!

I think that some people who go to college stay in boarding houses because they are far from their parents' homes to universities.

While you are excited about your first boarding house life, many university students may feel uneasy.

This time, I tried to excerpt an article useful for boarding college students from the blog!


Benefits of living alone

Don't interfere with your parents

Isn't it the first advantage of living alone to not interfering with parents?

When you live at your parents' home, you may inevitably clash with your parents about what you want to do.

In addition, it will come out that it is not possible to go to the dinner of the circle in the house where the curfew etc. are decided.

Free rhythm of life

There are no family members, so you don't have to adjust your life rhythm to others.

Bathing, eating, sleeping and waking up are free, so life like heaven is also delayed.

On the other hand, self-management is important because there are people who are truancy or withdraw from school because the rhythm of life is too broken.

They are easy to call people

If you live alone, you can invite a friend to your home and drink all night.

Alcohol and knobs are automatically stocked so you don't have to worry about food at any time.

On the other hand, because it is easy to attract people, it may be a hangout place for friends.

Custom free

The space is all yours today, so you can completely make it your own.

Put up posters all over the place or make the perfect desk for study.

You can bring a desk into the bathtub to drink a bath or set up a tent in your room.

Disadvantages of living alone

They cost money

Regardless of whether there is a remittance, it costs money, so it is necessary to think about part-time jobs.

In addition, it is troublesome to have to manage money yourself, and be careful about waste.

Instead of living in your parents' home, you can spend all of your part-time expenses on entertainment.

It's hard to get sick.

If you get infected with influenza, it seems to be quite painful because there is no one in the room who can rely on it.

Recently, there are UberEats, etc., so it will be somehow, but even one Pokari will be difficult to obtain.

As a countermeasure, do you usually take care of your health and keep your physical condition going?

There are things that are lonely.

During the self-restraint period, I sometimes missed the opportunity to talk to others all day long.

If you live with your family, you may have some conversations, but if you live alone, you may be silent all day long.

Perhaps because of that, I often hear that living alone increases the number of soliloquies.

Housework is troublesome

It is not until I start living alone that I realize the gratitude of the people who were doing housework.

Cleaning, washing, and cooking are three major troublesome things, but there is also small work such as sorting garbage and it is difficult.

It is also possible to solve each by rumba, washing machine with dryer, cooking kit or rough.

Articles useful for living alone



First of all, I moved from my parents' house to the boarding house, but I think it is better to have less belongings.

Greetings to the government office and neighborhoods and securing a lifeline are top priority over belongings.

Considering the next move, it is ○ to make your belongings as small as possible / compact.

What you need


The convenient answer is "Minimum necessary for living alone = minimalist belongings".

First of all, when moving from my parents' house to the boarding house, I will list the minimum necessary things.

I think that it will be somehow if there is this for the time being.

Cost of living


This is about the cost of living when an actual university student lives alone in Tokyo.

In addition to the basic fees, there are often large expenses such as drinking parties, club activities, and license training camps.

It seems that you can save your daily life as such without having to struggle even after getting a job.

part-time job


A part-time job that not only earns living and entertainment expenses, but also expands friendships and benefits.

Personally, it was easy to save the trouble of one meal at the part-time job where the bribery comes out.

I'm too enthusiastic about part-time jobs and often get bad grades, so balance them!



Cleaning and washing would not have been so difficult if I had less belongings.

As for meals, I think it is better to eat three meals every day healthily.

It is better to use the cafeteria, cooking kit, canned food and retort to get nutrition.

Convenient service


If you have more time to live, it might be a good idea to aim for a higher level of life.

The article below introduces useful services to make college life fun.

Amazon Prime is available at half the normal price, so it's a great value to use it on a family basis!

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