【Educational Laundering】I asked science university students about the merits and demerits


The word "academic background laundering" becomes a hot topic when the graduate school entrance examination approaches.

Some people are thinking about going on to graduate school, or if you are thinking about entering university.

I listened to people who chose to go on to other graduate schools and those who did not, and gathered lively voices!


What is education laundering?

"Education Laundering" is the examination for a graduate school with a higher educational background than the university to which you belong, and updating your final educational background.

After graduating from University A, if you pass the graduate entrance examination of B University and graduate, you can call it "B University Graduation".

It seems that it is advantageous when getting a job, and there are many topics about the final educational background of celebrities.

Benefits of Educational Laundering

Gain a higher education

Going on to another graduate school is the most important reason why it is called "educational background laundering".

If you enter from graduate school rather than university entrance exams, there are fewer examinees and the difficulty of the exam will be reduced.

There are rumors that there is a "educational background filter" when it is employed, and that there is a sort at the time of the document.

Tuition fees are reduced

Many academic launderers often go on to national and public universities from private universities.

As a reason, some people say that if you go on to a national and public graduate school, tuition fees will be lower than private schools.

I myself took the national and public graduate school because I was given the belief that I had a private university go to school.

Put it in a new environment

You can get inspired by leaving the university where you have spent four years and placing yourself in a different environment.

If universities and professors are different, research methods and ways of thinking will be different, and research will spread.

In addition, if you do research that is a little different from graduation research, you will gain new knowledge.

Research in a better environment

Educational laundering basically goes on to a higher level graduate school than the university to which you belong.

Discuss your research with Sync, who has spent four years in a more sophisticated environment.

Experimental equipment is also more accurate than I used before, and it may be possible to use expensive things …

You can challenge the entrance examination again

Graduate school entrance examinations can be re-challenged to universities and laboratories that were not accessible at the time of the university entrance examination.

In addition, there are problems such as not being convinced by the theme in graduation research, and not compatibility with professors.

Academic laundering is also an opportunity to go further from where you are.

Disadvantages of educational laundering

It is difficult to do deep research.

When placed in a new laboratory, it is necessary to re-learn how to use the equipment and its own rules.

There is also pressure to conduct research over a three-year period by those who go on to an internal hospital.

If the research theme changes, it will start from the reading of the paper as the background.

The laboratory doesn't always fit.

This can be said in graduation research, but I do not know if the atmosphere of the laboratory will fit.

If synchronization, relationships with assistant professors, and professors do not go well, the progress of the research itself will be affected.

It is important to visit the laboratory in advance and select a laboratory without failure.

It's hard to stay around

While those who go on to the inside school during spring break prepare for the next research, those who go on to higher education are studying from the use of equipment.

Also, if the synchronization of the same laboratory is an internally advancing person, you must keep up with the level around you.

Also, when you jump into a new environment, it is also important to be able to blend in well with the group that is already made.

The glance from some people is cold.

As you can see from the name "Academic Background Laundering", there are many people who are critical of going on to other graduate schools.

By going on to another graduate school, there seems to be an image that you enjoy and gain a high educational background.

If you are going to conduct research with a high awareness, you don't have to worry about such people' stories.

Conclusion: Depends on the person in question

In the first place, laundering is the conversion of money earned by crime etc. into ordinary money through banks.

Anyway, if you aim at it from the beginning and use it, I think that it is good if such a conclusion is reached as a result of research at the university.

Everyone can choose even if they aim, so I felt that it was up to the person himself whether to use it or not.

Because you worked hard, you may have skills to obtain not only justice but also efficient academic background?

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