It is difficult to acquire a second foreign language (Memorandum)


I'm tired of it, so I'm frustrated when I do various things … I repeat.

Among them, I summarized the languages that we have been challenging.

If you write each one, the contents are too thin, so we will arrange them in chronological order!



I was moved to know when I was in junior high school, but I didn't study in particular.

I will study someday because I can introduce myself in Esperanto" on the list of things I want to do.

Morse code

I remember the grounder of the alphabet desperately, and it was only it.

Aー (Eho)Nー ( Note )
Bー…O– (Application)
Cー ー ( Sea Breeze)P– ( Play ball)
Dー. ( Tools)Q– (Emergency urgent)
E– (Picture)Rー ・ (It's clever)
F・ – – (Full auto)sSumire
Gー・ (Go Kart)Tー (Tee)
H– ( Handkerchief)U・ – (Uneshige)
I・ (Love)V– (Victory)
J– (Self-defense method)W・ ー (Japanese and Western style)
Lー. (EREL)Yー. – (Wow Wow)
M– (Meter)Z– (Zazar rain)

sign language

I remembered 50 sounds and greetings in Japanese, and that's all I had.


I think you paid Progate and studied pretty seriously, but you hardly learned …

The reason is simple, because WordPress is too convenient to use.

However, I <a href=""></a> got a related URL unplugged from or reading developer tools.


I also paid for this and studied.

I tried to manipulate Instagram with Celenium, but the guard was stiff and gave up.

It was interesting to know that the message that came out one by one was a bot countermeasure.

Celenium seems interesting, so I think I will touch it again if I feel like it.


English is popular as a second foreign language, and the pronunciation is close to Japanese and romaji can be read.

Can you take an NHK radio course for a year and understand if it's a really simple conversation? About the level.

Above all, I don't have the word power, so I think I have to do something about it, so I listen to "Kikutan Spanish".

As a by-product, I can now understand a little bit of the meaning of similar Italian words.

It is painful above all that the verb variant changes to 6 types in 1, 2, 3 person and singular plural …


  • What time: ¿qua'ndo?
  • Where:¿do'nde?
  • Who:¿quie'n?
  • What: ¿pue'?
  • Why:?por que'?
  • How: ¿co'mo?

Spanish around me

Spanish words are naturally italian related, because I feel that they are highly similar to Italian words.

Diablo: Devil, Naranja: Orange (JoJo Part 5) Paloma: Pigeon (Paloma Co., Ltd.) Seria: Serious (Hundred Yen Shop seria) Uno: 1 (UNO) Lobo: Wolf, Blanca: White (Seaton Zood) Azul: Blue (Azur Lane) Caprichosa: Whimsical (Capricciosa) Meso'nes: Ryokan (Mezon Ikkoku) pastel: Cake (pastel color) Salsa: Sauce (salsa sauce) Pan: Bread (bread of food) Salon: Living room (online salon) Mesa: Table (Mesa: terrain) Jabo' n: Soap (Chabon) Sagrada: Sacred (Sagrada Familia) Familia: Family (Sagrada Familia) NIn^o: Boy (El Niño) Nin^o: Girl (La Niña phenomenon) Don: ~ (Chief (Don)) Orario: Timetable (Encounter in the dungeon ~ Labyrinth city Orario) oracio'n: Prayer (Diarda vs Parcia ~ Oracion) Castillo: Castle (the theory of castella etymology) Plaza: Square (~Plaza) Sol: Sun (Pokemon Sol Rock) Luna: Moon (Pokemon Lunatone) Leo'n: Lion (movie LEON)


I learned "Аааа" because of the influence of "Girls & Panzer" and I really liked the way I spoke with my tongue.

I think that I will do it again if I feel frustrated around memorize how to read the alphabet.

I'm practicing that if I can sing all the inserted songs of Garpan, the range of languages is likely to expand.


When I was in high school, I went to see the "Egypt Exhibition" and was impressed, and there was a person who came to be able to read hieroglyphs as it was …

I was interested a little because I remembered such a thing and read "Hieroglyph decipherment history".

The priority is quite low because it feels like I should be able to read the story about the story.