【Job Hunting for University Students】 Spi, Tamatebox, CAB, GAB Trends and Countermeasures

【Job hunting for university students】Do "SPI", "Tamatebox", and "CAB / GAB" need to be taken? Trends in the problem and the impression of actually solving

Hello, I'm Ki (@itsutsuki3)of student reporter!

This time, I have taken one of the job hunting exams, CAB and GAB countermeasure courses, so I will report!



For SPI nonverbal problems (mathematics), the level is almost the same as that of junior high school entrance exams.

It is possible to solve even with simultaneous equations after junior high school, but it is quite difficult to require speed …

It is quite advantageous for those who have experienced junior high school entrance exams and those who are watching junior high school entrance exams as part-time jobs as cram school lecturers.

From this point on, it would be a good choice for university students to teach part-time cram school.

【University student cram school lecturer part-time job】Can I earn a popular "cram school lecturer part-time job" for university students, but is cospa recommended?

Tamate box

Tamatebako is a recruitment test created and sold by SHL Japan, and is a web test that measures "intellectual ability" and "personality aptitude" as well as SPI.


Spi has answered questions, and some companies have introduced it to conduct fairer tests.

For language problems, read long sentences and select "correct", "incorrect", "not understood only by sentences".

Nonlinguistic is a problem of calculating numbers from tables and graphs, and spi is more difficult.

What is CAB and GAB?

CAB (cab) and GAB (gab) are recruitment tests created and sold by SHL Japan( SHL), and are often used when finding employment along with SPI and Tamate box.


There are many special problems that cannot be classified into languages and non-languages in exams that are often introduced in consulting and finance.

Since it is a first-sighted murderer, I will explain in detail below.

Cab what kind of exam?

Diagnose your fitness as a computer job.
In addition to the job aptitudes for each SE and programmer, we also predict nine characteristics such as "vitality" and "teamwork" that should be seen when joining the company.


The problem consists of two types: a problem that reads sentences of a certain length and asks the correctness of the question, and a problem of calculating from eight tables. Let's look at them one by one.

a right or wrong decision problem

Read sentences extracted from various books. Is the length about the same as the center exam?

There is a question written under the sentence, A if it is correct, lee if it is wrong, if it can not be judged from the sentence, select u and paint the mark sheet.

It is important to note that "what is commonly said" is not necessarily correct. It can also be lee and U because it is asked the right or wrong in sentences to the last.

Therefore, it is important to read long sentences in a short time and to check whether the content being asked is written in the sentence.

Calculation problem

There are eight tables with numbers arranged on one side of the page, and the calculation problems related to it are randomly arranged regardless of the table.

The ability to read and calculate tables quickly is questioned.

Countermeasures include classifying questions by table in advance and solving them by table, and calculating what can be answered by estimate.

What kind of exam is GAB?

This inspection was developed for the purpose of recruiting new graduates.
In addition to detailed measurement results on intellectual abilities (language and counting) and personality, we predict nine characteristics such as "vitality" and "teamwork" to look at when joining the company, and eight job aptitudes such as future management aptitudes and "sales" and "research /development".


The four problems consist of mental arithmetic, regularity, imperatives, and decryption. Because it is a fairly special question tendency, it will surely fail when you receive it at first glance.

mental arithmetic

Choose from a selection of answers to questions such as 2.59+567, 88×46, and 589 40%. It seems not to be that difficult, but since there is no time of 20 seconds to use for one question, quickness is required single-mindedly.

Countermeasures include estimates, calculation of only the position of 1, and determination by decimal places. In order from the front, it is like "finish with .59", "1 position is 8", "600×0.4".

Since the numerical values between the choices are quite far apart, it is possible to judge from such calculations.


From the image above, select the shape that enters "?" from the selection. It is the easiest test in CAB, so I want to aim for a perfect score. Trends include the movement of shapes, the change in the number of shapes, and the number of sides increasing.

The best thing to do is to make it possible to create an image that moves a shape in your head.

imperative sentence

Transforms the shape according to a given imperative. This is the most convincing problem at CAB when it comes to the ability that is indispensable for programming.

In addition to image training, the blockbuster is to process the cancellation symbol first.


Infers the operation of a given ciphertext from shapes and strings that have changed through multiple steps. There were many simple problems in the first half, but in the second half, the level was high and we were not able to make it.

The contents of the cipher are a lot of simple content, so it is better not to think too much. (Increase the number of sides, duplicate the first letter, and do not change the order))

Countermeasures include inferting the contents of ciphers not only from ciphertext but also from options.


Unlike SPI, these exams do not require any special knowledge. However, on the other hand, I felt that it was an examination that would make a big difference if I did not take measures.

Personally, isn't this exam more suitable for a job exam?

I would like to take measures in parallel with SPI!

Useful for job hunting for university students