【How to make an idea】Summary of science ideas that can be used for Ideathon

【Change of conception furnace】Where science ideas are boiled down

I've always loved to imagine, and when I'm free, I often come up with ideas in my head.

The idea converter was coined as a blog name in the past, and it is used to change the way of thinking and "conversion furnaces" of nuclear fuel.

I do not emphasize feasibility, I will note the idea that came up, so if there is a person who can realize it, please!


a train on the ceiling

I came up with the idea from the place where the ceiling of the crowded train was vacant.

Gravity control technology may be required, but if it can be solved, the filling rate in-house will be doubled.

Billing Video Platform

Youtube came up with a small ad revenue that only partially reached the streamer.

The broadcaster purchases a set of tools for delivery and adds features such as throws and money on a billing basis.

Instead, make sure that all the proceeds are in the hands of the broadcaster.

Passive smoking machine

The side stream of cigarettes has become a problem, and I came up with the idea that smokers' cigarettes are a waste.

The side stream smoke enters the nose through the tube.

Smokers don't waste smoke, non-smokers don't suffer health hazards.

Thinking realization device

I came up with illustrations, landscapes, and other things when I couldn't express myself even if I had a clear object in my head.

If you can express your thoughts directly, you can become a creator for all citizens.

On the other hand, it is the opposite because everyday use often creates discrepancies.

Chloroplast Transplantation

I came up with the idea because of environmental problems and food shortages.

It enables photosynthesis by symbiosis of organisms with chloroplasts or chloroplasts in the skin shape.

By replacing not only chloroplasts but also microorganisms that nourish radiation and methane, it is possible to survive according to the environment.

Idea Hub

I come up with ideas at the idea level, but I came up with it because I didn't have the technology to realize it.

Contributors post an overview of their ideas, and interested businessmen and entrepreneurs pay to buy ideas.

Although it is similar to a patent, it is epoch-making that anyone can easily register.

English words in anime

I learned not a few English words from anime, so I came up with the idea that studying would be a little fun.

When you search for an English word, the anime and manga that the word was used are displayed in a list.

Conversely, if you enter the name of the technique in katakana, the original word and meaning will be displayed.

Folded rucksacks

As a minimalist, I thought of a backpack that can be used for a wide range of purposes with one.

The top of the backpack is made of a thin material and can be folded to transform it into a waist pouch.

The shoulder strap can be used separately by whether or not to pass it through the ring at the top of the backpack.

Light-up clothing

It was troublesome to buy a lot of clothes and came up with it.

You can make it fashionable by illuminating your favorite pattern on white clothes and shoes.

You may sell the data or link it with metaverses.

Tapioca Nanomachine

It is a big tapioca, but I came up with it from being able to expect it easily.

You may want to generate electricity with the power of chewing.

Artificial blood vessels for injection

I came up with the idea that there are people who have to stick needles many times to treat the disease.

A method in which only the part where the needle is pierced is made an artificial blood vessel, and a needle is attached there.

Next-generation tourism

I came up with it because we can't live in virtual space alone, no matter how hard we try.

Tourist attractions and nature become rough enough for people to visit, and they become popular.

We introduce robots on site, and travelers enjoy sharing their senses with them.

Benefits such as no need to provide virtual space, no physical strength or location, and the ability to manage participants.

Backup data

A piece containing data from yourself and the theme park is given as a souvenir of the theme park in the VR space.

If there is a major data corruption, start the restore from the backup by collecting the pieces.

It combines one side as a souvenir and one side as a backup.

Human Complement Plan

Ideas from "Neon Genesis Evangelion" and "The Matrix".

All human beings provide all the sources they can have and enjoy them according to their preferences.

Each of them does what they want to do in a world where they can spend the most comfortable time, and it is useful to someone else.

The question in the Matrix is why you have dreamed that you are dissatisfied with the regime of control.

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