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【University Student Board Game】Recommended for university student circle training camp! Introducing brain games that you can make friends!

University students go to training camps in circles and incarre, but it is important how to deepen exchanges with other people in their spare time.

In addition to "UNO", "Millionaire", and "Werewolf" until junior high and high school, university students prefer to play games that use their heads.

This time, I will introduce five brain games that are perfect for training camp recommended by university students!


Bremen Race

Difficulty ★★☆☆☆

Number of people 2-5 people

It is a game in which you roll the dice to advance the animal pieces like a double, and compete for the correct answer rate by predicting the order in which you finish.

The ranking is expected to be a winner, and it is not possible to predict the place that other people published.

It's a game that you can enjoy right away with people you've ever met, because you can start right away without difficult rules.


Difficulty ★★☆☆☆


A game in which you advance to a place with gold while arranging unknown written cards.

There are teams that aim for gold and teams that interfere with them, but they don't know who's which.


Difficulty ★★★★☆

Number of people 3-4 people

It's a pretty famous game that sells as many as 20 million pieces worldwide, so I think many people know it.

You will create your own country by pioneering unexplored islands, collecting resources, negotiating with others, and building roads and buildings.

It is a deep game that you will never get tired of as many times as you like, such as how to exchange resources with other players and how to expand the way.

Navra Operator Game

Difficulty ★★★★☆

Number of people 2 people

It became famous that The University of Tokyo Youtuber "QuizKnok" played a game sold by the purchase of the University of Tokyo.

If you use the function of the opponent well, such as differentiation and integral cards, and make everything 0, it is a victory.

As the name implies, there are navra (dizzyarial differentiation) and extreme cards, so it can be said that it is a perfect card game for science.



Difficulty ★★★★☆

Number of people 2-10 people

Draw a card with a number on it and hold it on your forehead so that you can't see it to your opponent.

Anticipate other people's numbers and your own numbers, and in turn declare the total predictions in a larger number than the other party.

When I thought that it was larger than the total, I said "Coyote!" and confirmed the total.

The rules themselves are simple, but the number of places tends to be stronger overall, so I made it a star 4.

Element lamp

Difficulty ★★☆☆☆


For each card, a card with one familiar element symbol drawn in the periodic table.

It can be used as just playing cards, but it is recommended to play like a simple poker.

As you play, you will become familiar with elements, so it is recommended not only for university students but also for high school students!

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