Famous lines of anime/manga that can be used in science


In class or in the laboratory, I collected lines that could be used "without discomfort".


surprising! It's ○○!

While the main character Jonathan is fighting the enemy Braford, he uses "Dance Maccab Hair", in which he manipulates the sword with his hair.

At that time, in the narration displayed in the background, the use increases by replacing the "hair" part with another word.

Let's use it when unexpected substances and shapes are obtained from the experimental results.

Total Art Street

In order to deceive the enemy L (Ell), the main character Moon (Wright) once relinquishes ownership of the DEATH NOTE and loses his memory when he owns it.

The moon, who followed the DEATH NOTE according to pure justice, regains her memory by capturing the owner and touching it again.

The line when the moon smiles with the back to L in the helicopter regaining the memory until the ownership is relinquished.

Let's use it when the experiment goes according to the plan]

I don't like a good kid.

When an inconsistencies in an experiment or explanation are identified

Please, thank you!

When you hit a sentence and press enter

It is different from 00, what is 00?

When emphasizing differences from existing research

I can read it, I can read it!

created by Rinker

When english papers are sula-sura

It's a lie!!!!!

When I was told an unbelievable fact