【Geocaching】 How to play a free treasure hunt app using GPS!

【Geocaching】 Let's play with the free treasure hunt app "geocashing" using GPS!

Ar apps such as "Pokemon GO" using location information became popular in memory.

However, even before that, there were many location-based games around the world.

This time, we will introduce real treasure hunt "geocaching" that you can enjoy for free!


What is geocaching?


"Geocaching" is a coined word that combines nature "geo" and hidden "cashe".

This is a worldwide treasure hunt game where you can find treasures (caches) from all over the world using GPS.

It's not just an app game, it features aspects such as sports/adventure/sightseeing/puzzles/events.

Today, about 3 million caches are hidden not only in Japan but also around the world.

It all started with a gps treasure hunt game in the U.S. to commemorate the release of GPS in 2000, and jeremy Irish, who saw the idea, officially launched geocaching.com the future of the game.

Official website:https://www.geocaching.com/play

Benefits of geocaching


Geocaching's official website summarizes 15 reasons for geocaching.

15 reasons to love geocaching

Here, I will write the merits of geocaching that I would like to introduce!

Free to enjoy

While interesting apps are charged a lot, geocaching is designed to be fun enough even for free.

You can also experience the free version and then charge for more advanced treasure hunts.

It will be a very good app in that you can enjoy it without spending money.

Also, there is no irritation because there are no ads in the app!

You can enjoy the excitement of childhood

Build a secret base and hide treasures based on secret ciphers…

There are few games that can return to the happy childhood feelings.

When I play this game, I feel that even as an adult, I want to remember the heart of the child.

You will be able to enjoy the pure joy and achievement you once had forgotten now!

Enjoy your trip

Geocaching can be enjoyed not only in Japan but also overseas.

If you don't understand the words, you can understand the coordinates and hints, so you can enjoy it wherever you go.

While traveling abroad, you can also find treasures by geocaching, and you can enjoy your trip twice as much.

Also, you can feel like you have friends all over the world through the log (described below) to fill out geocaching!

How to play geocaching

Sign up as a member on the site or app

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Find a nearby point

Once you've registered, launch your site or app and look for points near your current location.

There should always be some cache nearby.

It's strange that such a secret game was being held without our knowledge!

Find the cache by hint

Let's go to the given coordinates.

Basically, a cached container is not a place to be found right away.

If you can't find it looking around, look at the tips.

Some are written in English, but it is a very simple word, so you should be able to read it.

You can also look for clues from past logs, so if you have trouble, let's check there as well.

Write your findings and keep a log

Once you've found a container, fill in the notes in the container with the date of discovery, nickname, and a word.

Also, report whether it is found or undiscovered on the site or app for future visitors.

This allows cache administrators and participants to understand the status of the container.

When you find the cache, it
seems to write "TFTC (Thanks For The Cache)!" (thanks for putting the cache)!

What you need for geocaching


Clothes that can be dirty

The hidden place of the cache is basically a place that people do not look for much.

If it is an easy-to-find place, it may be taken away by ordinary people or disposed of.

There are many dirty places such as in the grass and the back of the structure, so clothes and work gloves that can be dirty are essential.

Writing instruments

The cached container contains notes that depict the discoverer and the date of discovery.

The smallest container may not contain writing instruments.

We recommend that you bring a ballpoint pen to write down your notebook.

Smartphone or GPS

Without it, geocaching cannot begin.

In order to find the cache from specific coordinates, a device with GPS function is required.

I actually tried using GPS even on smartphones with communication restrictions.

As with "maps.me", there seems to be not much relationship between data communication and GPS!

Mobile battery

If GPS is enabled, the battery of the smartphone will be abnormally quickly.

By changing the power saving mode, consumption can be reduced, but it is safe to have a spare battery.

Small coins, toys, etc.

Some containers are treasured by the discoverer.

If you find a container, take your favorite thing from inside and put the treasure you brought.

It is not a big deal even if it is said that it is a treasure, but a small key ring etc.

There are not many large containers, so it is a good idea to prepare some small ones.

I actually tried geocaching.

Geocaching had been a challenge before, but at the time it was not found.

When I entered university, I DLed the app, and many points were nearby, so I reopened!

There are many points along the river.

This time, we challenged the points that existed along the river.

In principle, the permission of the administrator is required to set up points, so it will be many along the river without permission.

In addition, since the distance between the points is also fixed, it tends to exist at a certain distance along the river.

What is the size of the container I looked for this time?

  • Micro cache (size of card case or less)
  • Small cache (about the size of a small tapper)


The error of the map is severe.

The GPS of the app has an error of about 3 m even if you work hard, so I searched all over the error range.

Because it was after the rain, my hands got quite dirty in the process of looking for it, so it might be better to have a work glove.

At first, it was hard to find, and in addition to hints, I looked for it while looking at the comments in the past log.

It's clearly different from garbage.

If you can't find it too much, you'll think that the nearby case-like garbage is a cache.

However, many of the caches are fairly ingeniously hidden because they are not found by the general public.

The surroundings are painted black, and there are magnets on the back side.

It may be better to turn it at the end as much as possible to touch dirty garbage.

Today's Achievements

Today, we visited 4 points and found 3 caches.

One place had the latest logs undiscovered, so there was a possibility that the cache was gone.

The last one was very difficult and the hint was refreshing, and it struggled considerably.

In the end, I realized that it was a serial number waved to a certain structure, and I managed to find it!

For those who want to enjoy more geocaching

It is geocaching that can be enjoyed enough even in the free version, but paid members will be even wider.

You can position caches that are not normally freed to members or perform other caching.

To give an example

  • ・ "Multi-cache" to look for cache by turning multiple points
  • ・ "Mystery cache" that derives coordinates from quizzes etc.


If you are interested, you can read more detailed explanations on the official website, so why not refer to it?

I want it to be more popular!

This time, I introduced how to play the real treasure hunting game "Geocaching".

Personally, it's closer to reality than Pokémon GO, so is it okay to be popular? I think.

Why don't you join a treasure hunt game with people from all over the world and get excited in nature?

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